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In the year 2006, we choose our name “METAFAB BUILDING SYSTEMS PVT LTD wich previously known as CENTURY ROOFING AND INFRA ”reflecting our profession in the Construction Industry. Our Vision is to be the pioneer in construction industry is leading us to play global role in construction of Residential & Commercial Buildings, Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.


METAFAB defines its goals by putting all efforts, resources and dedication to get International Standards in construction technology and at the same time provide quality experience to the client.

We do follow Engineering Trends and Latest Technology of modern infrastructure with more skills and optimum utilization in order to achieve goals that we share with our valuable clients and to participate in the economic growth.

We have a strong, diversified team of engineering personals with in depth knowledge of the industry and to deliver the complete satisfaction to the client we are highly involved from dawn to dusk in activity and business of our projects.


METAFAB is one of the 4th division of METAFAB GROUP OF COMPANIES. I am proud of METAFAB  ’s achievements in delivery of complete turnkey projects with a difference.

It makes me happier and fetcher new challenges with every new project and team satisfaction with the message “WE CAN DO IMPOSSIBLE” whenever we finish a project it’s a start with our clients in long term commitments and healthy business relatives.

Gratitude to all METAFAB Team, Clients, Suppliers and Bankers who participates in the legacy. I strongly believe IF CONSTRUCTION IS A BATTLE, METAFAB WINS THE WAR.





 With Warm Regards









Mr. Amit Jaiswal

Mr.Amit is a  one of founders of  METAFAB GROUP  and also he is the  Director (Projects ) of
 the Company, has over 15 years of experience in the steel industry. Being an Engineering graduate he has provided the Technical support to the Company with the widest network of clients spread all over INDIA and thus this lays the strongest foundation for METAFAB The guidance and inspiration provided by him has enabled the Company’s Directors to take such bold and innovative steps to start their own Company in the Manufacturing sector.




Mr.Niranjan the co-founder and  Director of the METAFAB  brings over 06 years of experience in the Company. Mr.Niranjan has pursued his Business Management course from GORAKHPUR University .

Mr.Niranjan has leadership and innovative skills gives strong determination and enthusiasm to all the employees of the Company. Mr.Niranjan has strong experienced background and high educational qualities gives a perfect blend to the atmosphere of the company, which helps in the company’s continuous growth with the highest quality standards. He is a dynamic and adaptive which gives the company a leading edge over all its competitors.